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Our service

We understand the DNA of your company and provide you with individual and professional support.

We strengthen your sales. We analyse your business model and company structures in order to offer you precise sales solutions. Whether you already have a full sales teams, use alternative methods of distribution or don’t have a dedicated sales department yet, we support you in every situation.


Systematic and stable

Our focus is on robust structures. Whether you’re start-up or an established company, we optimise your existing structures – or build an efficient process for you. In order to ensure sustainable success, we offer you personal workshops and training courses for your sales team, carried out by our company’s founders. Our goal is to ensure that your sales department doesn’t become a separate entity, but rather something that’s fully integrated into your company as a single unit.

Customer sales strategy

The importance of new customer acquisition is well known. However, implementation is often a challenge when there is uncertainty about which type of sales method is best for your company. Depending on size, industry branch or company structure, a wide variety of sales structures are available. With our expertise, we’ll help you find the right method for your company. Whether you’re an owner-managed company, SME, start-up or corporate group, we’ll provide  personal advice and give you insights into different possibilities. 

VENSUM effect

We work transparently and efficiently. With us, your sales costs remain calculable and administrative burdens low. This guarantees more valuable time with customers and boosts sales. Leaving your sales activities to us means saving on acquisition costs, personnel costs, office space and additional workplace equipment.

This is what VENSUM offers

Taking advantage of our offer will give you personal support directly from us, the founders of VENSUM. Our years of expertise means you’ll get quality, not just quantity. Drawing on our experience, we can identify your potential customers quickly, save acquisition costs and achieve higher success rates for you in a short space of time. We also offer a tailor-made solution for your sales system.

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