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New customer acquisition B2B

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New customer acquisition B2B and cold calling 

We want to help you develop your full market potential with you. Building up qualitative leads and gaining new customers is a challenge for companies, especially in the B2B environment. As always, the acquisition of new customers mostly takes place thanks to things like trade fairs, but this no longer does justice to the dynamic and permanent sales process. 

We provide you with comprehensive support in setting up both online and offline, and help your modernise your sales process. As a small or medium-sized company, you benefit from our many years of expertise and personal support. 

We’ll help you reach constant orders, predictable sales as well as stable growth to secure your market position.


Attract potential customers

We are experts when it comes to the acquisition of new customers. But we’re also at your side during the first step – identifying potential customers. 

Cold calling challenges

For many companies cold calling isn’t the most popular task, which is why companies with increasing success rely exclusively on existing customers.

However, the regular acquisition of new customers is a guarantee for the sustainable success of your company. A personal phone call is still the most effective tool, both for initial contact as well as for further discussion and support. This is where we come in – we have years of experience in telemarketing and will convert your leads into actual customers.

For you, this means calculable sales costs, more time with customers, less administrative effort and predictable personnel expenses.

Closing gaps in sales

We are there to support and assist you for those crucial moments, such as the introduction of new product lines or the development of new target groups, and are there for you and your sales team every step of the way. 

We provide your existing sales team with targeted support if required, react quickly and flexibly to your needs and give you a boost to help you optimise your sales process.

We take over the entire sales process, both strategically and operationally, for companies without their own sales team.

Sustainable new customer concepts

With our many years of sales expertise on the phone, we find the best way to start customer dialogues and arrange appointments for you with the relevant decision-makers.

The initial appointment is a decisive step towards acquiring new customers. But after the appointment is before the appointment, because now it’s a matter of turning a prospective customer into a long-term business partner. This is where we help you.

Together with you, we develop concepts and strategies tailored to your company to achieve sustainable new customer acquisition 

New customer potential market launch

The question “how much do people really need my product?” is often a challenging one. There’s often uncertainty, especially when it comes to new products.

As such, we also offer you another additional service – we test the marketability of new products for you by asking potential customers and obtaining constructive feedback. This boosts your market research and tells you a lot about your chances in the current market. At the same time, it sparks the interest of potential buyers.



“We are extremely happy to have finally found a trustworthy, professional and, above all, a high-end agency partner for cold calling projects for our agency customers in VENSUM.”

– Akimo Markov, CEO of Markov&Markov

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