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For your sales.





For your sales

Authentic. Pragmatic. Agile. Personal.


Experienced and competent

We are known for our years of experience in all areas of sales. Thanks to our extensive expert knowledge, we’re able to cope with your different requirements and needs.

Agile, transparent and flexible

The market and customer requirements are constantly changing. Our wealth of experience allows us to react to these changes quickly and effectively with the appropriate strategies. 

Personal and authentic

We see ourselves as part of your company and act with confidence towards your customers as part your own sales team. We personally assist you and act as a direct contact for your customers.

Reliable and resilient

We strive for a long-term and trusted partnership with your company. That’s why we treat your concerns with the highest amount of care. We’re committed to your company for the long run, and we’re a reliable partner at your side.


From sales strategy to successful implementation: Unlock new potential with us.

We’re known for our years of expertise in new customer acquisition and customer loyalty. In particular, our experience with owner-managed companies from the industry, young start-ups as well as classic SMEs and corporations shape the DNA of VENSUM. You, too, can benefit from our quality standards and personal support.

New customeracquisition B2B

Building quality leads and gaining new customers is often a challenge for companies in the B2B environment. Conventional measures to acquire new customers are no longer sufficient, which means modern and holistic approaches have to be developed.

Cold calling challenges

We do what most people aren’t keen on – cold calling. We relieve your sales team so that you have more time with the customer.

Closing gaps in sales

Every company knows the situation – these days, good salespeople are hard to find and keep. We can close both short-term and recurring gaps in your sales areas. We help you to work on all regions constantly, without downtime.

Sustainable new customer concepts

Whether it’s making an appointment or telemarketing – we’ll get you to the decision-maker. At the same time  we’ll establish a sustainable concept for you to acquire new customers.

New customer potential market launch

We test the marketability of new products for you by asking potential customers and obtaining constructive feedback. 

Customer retentionmanagement

Customers are finding it increasingly easier to compare prices online, making it difficult to effectively retain loyal customers. In addition to the unique position of the product portfolio, companies must offer their customers attractive incentives in order to win them over in the long term.

Sustainable concepts to strengthen customer relationships

For you, a loyal customer means recurring sales. And at the same time, you can gain important insights into the purchasing behaviour of your customers, meaning increased sales. We support you in initiating this cycle with a targeted strategy for customer loyalty.  

More success with loyal customers

We’d like to support you in getting to know your customers better. With defined customer segments, you can create individual offers and keep an overview.

Systematic sales development

We optimise your existing structures, or set up a new sales process for you. In order to ensure sustainable success, we offer you personal workshops and training courses for your sales team, carried out by our company’s founders.

Customer sales strategy

Depending on size, industry branch or company structure, a wide variety of sales structures are available. With our expertise, we’ll help you find the right method for your company. 

VENSUM effect

Our transparent communication keeps your sales costs calculable and administrative effort low. This guarantees you more valuable time with the customer and promotes increase in sales. 

This is what VENSUM offers

We personally assist you as the founders of the company and, drawing on our expertise, find tailor-made solutions to minimise your effort and maximise success rates. 

Sales process chain

Our success model is based on 6 steps. You can take advantage of different steps individually, depending on your needs. We’re also happy to accompany you step by step through the entire process.

1. Joint definition of your potential customers

We work together with you to develop potential new customers. These form the basis for your customer acquisition.

2. Direct to the decision-maker

We take over the first hurdle of B2B contact for you. We connect with the decision-maker, meaning you skip the tedious initial steps.

3. Binding customer appointment

We’ll arrange appointments for you with key contacts and can represent you when meeting them as required. We act on your behalf and as part of your company.

4. Offer and negotiation phase

Even in the decisive offer and negotiation phase, we’ll be at your side with our professional know-how, or carry it out independently in your best interests

5. Successful conclusion of contract

We support or represent you in the last step – conclusion of the contract.

6. Customer development and expansion leading to loyal customers

Our service doesn’t just end with customer acquisition. We accompany you throughout the process and support you in converting new customers into loyal regular customers.

Satisfied costumers

“With VENSUM’s expertise, we succeeded in placing a new product in need of further introduction on the market quickly and in a targeted manner within a very short period of time. Thanks to the market proof, we knew in a very short time that our software matched the customers’ requirements.”

– Sven Wosny, Managing Director of GS FLEETCONTROL GmbH

“With the VENSUM Team, we were able to quickly and successfully close gaps in our sales and achieve our goals. We see a long-term partnership with VENSUM.”

– Robert Käfert, Managing Director of Collaborative Marketing Club – CMC GmbH

“The VENSUM Team’s enthusiasm was contagious. This enthusiasm, together with their professional and pragmatic know-how, significantly helped us in where to aim our sales.”

– Anthony Wandt, Managing Director of Wandt Spedition Transportberatung GmbH


Open up new markets and new customer groups with us.

We’re extremely passionate about German medium-sized companies. We support customers from the logistics, mechanical and plant engineering, supplier industry and manufacturing sectors, as well as digital agencies, management consultancies and personnel service providers. We combine years of experience and expertise with modern technologies and tools to provide you with the best service for your business.


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